Recall the late 90s/early 2000s, what was fashion’s number one rule at the time? That everything had to match! Example: Alicia Silverstone a la Clueless (may her outfits forever rest in peace and only be remembered by Halloween costume). It’s funny how things change because that style mentality no longer exists. So disregard what the younger you was taught and listen up, we are burning this match stitch!

My favorite rule of the moment is that there are no rules! The cool look right now is mixing fabrics AND textures – something we highly recommend. Make your old clothes look new again by not pairing the same shirt with the same pants you did two weeks ago. Turning lingerie into outerwear is huge right now and who doesn’t love silk, so there’s a new fabric to play with already. I’ve started adding more colors to my outfits also, not just my usual friday night black on black (although it will always be classic). When asking yourself if your outfit “goes” just say YOLO.

Sometimes it can feel like you try on 50 outfits, yet you find yourself choosing the first one you tried on. I’ve found that it’s usually because the 50 other outfits you tried on began to look over thought, which is why you start to look more like a second grader on class picture day, all matchy-matchy, instead of the sexpot that you are. I say put less thought in what you’re putting on and just go with the flow. Forget the rules that you think you need to appease with your fit; make sure you’re comfortable first. There’s no reason to torture yourself and perfectly mimic this season’s style when it just doesn’t work for you. Always make sure you’re putting your own taste in, not just following the trends.

MUGSHOT decided to do a little photoshoot to show that they’re burning the match stitch with you! So look, take notes, use as inspiration!





We’ll approve matching again when we figure out how to rock the canadian tuxedo professionally.



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