Coachella, Fauxchella, Celebchella, Nochella.

$400 on a ticket to a show in which you don’t even know who is playing, yeah I’ve done it. TWICE. Are Coachella and other festivals still about the music or is it about the social experience of running into everyone you know from the San Fernando Valley AND their moms?

If your reasoning IS for the social Hajj to the homeland of Indio, we know what you’re thinking – What are you going to wear to the most instagramable event of your life!? Immediate thought: “I literally don’t own anything worthy of Kylie Jenner’s presence, so I think I need an entire new wardrobe for 3 days”. Keep calm we have answers for you!

MUGSHOT’s fav Coachella 2016 looks (so far)


Look as hot as you’ll be under that Indio sun.


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